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Steam Shield vaporizador sanitizante

!Incluye Sanitizante!

Steam Shield vaporizador sanitizante

!Incluye Sanitizante!
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Garantía Good
Garantía Good

Por qué lo amarás

Shield Antivirus Fogging Solution incorporates nanotechnology, provides instant 99.9% kill rate of bacteria, viruses and fungi when activated on all surfaces. Colourless, odourless and nontoxic.

Includes LIquid Solution to refill. 

Use to:

  • Clean fruit and groceries before entering your home.
  • Clean desks, chairs and personal workspaces.
  • Sanitize public transport handles, rails, seats etc…
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at home.
  • Ideal for air travel to sanitize airplane seat, meal tray etc..
  • Any area you would like to be safe from virus and bacteria.

Instructions to refill cleaning solution:

  1. Inverted chassis, twist off water tank.
  2. Purr cleaning solution
  3. Install solution tank
  4. Shake twice and press switch twice

Product specifications:

Product Size:100*37*37MM

Rated voltage:110-120V

Capacity: 30ML

Charging time:3 Hours

Package Content: 1 x Sprayer 1 x USB Cable


Why will you love it 

  • Nano technology
  • Non toxic formula
  • Test Certification
  • Non Alcohol based- not flamable
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